Dreamed I was on a porch in a lush forest with Mum, Dad, Aunt Sue and some others, having beers and talking. Aunt Sue handed me some whisky and Dad was going on about how drinks on cruise ships are insanely cheap.

There was a black plant that dad said was ugly, but on it were two long black stick bugs with lion faces and manes made of colourful butterfly wings. I took a picture of one and it looked right at me before it flew off.

Then, a rainbow lorikeet landed on my face. It fluttered its wings for a moment and didn’t seem to want to leave. Its claws were gentle.

Dreamed I was in a “Scream”-type scenario where my boyfriend was the new killer. I got away in my car, but I knew he would find me.

Dreamed I was Michael Jackson, wearing leather with one sparkly glove. I was rehearsing for my new show in front of a huge press cohort. I woke up singing “Keep the Faith” so I guess that’s what we played for the conference.

After the song was over, there was a Q&A. I took some questions from the gallery and then answered some questions online.

Dreamed I was grinding meat with Jerah for dumplings. She was using my KitchenAid attachment by hand against the meat. I asked her why she didn’t just attach it to the mixer.

Dreamed I was buying hair products.

Dreamed I was at the beach at Lake Erie. I swam and it was lovely, then went inside to change. When I came back out to drive home, the lake was alive with massive waves. The surface looked like someone was shaking sheet after sparkling sheet.

Dreamed I camped out in Mum and Dad’s backyard. I went inside and Sean was there. We made out in the shower, and Dad almost caught us.

Dreamed it was National Birthday Day, where everyone celebrated birthdays. We went to Sue and Gary’s for a Stolte party. They lived in an apartment this time.

Amanda was there along with some kids I didn’t know. There were robot toys that had a few wind-up modes. One of them folded up into a little rocket and zoomed off the table.

There was an old green melamine chip bowl painted with orange flowers.

Dreamed I was playing a huge concert with a new band. The sound guy was helping me set up. I had a mic, a keyboard and my violin. I had checked the mic already and it was sounding great, but the band made me move to a different spot on the stage so we had to check it all over again. It was kind of a hassle, so the sound guy took me to the donut stand and bought me a donut.

The donut was actually six éclair-shaped donuts, all different colours, stuck together. They were freshly deep fried and very crispy, like they’d been made with tempura batter.

Dreamed I was in a boat on the lake, which was crowded with Labour Day vacationers swimming and in boats. I could see Toronto through the haze in the distance, and huge ferries approaching it carrying people who were going to Canada’s Wonderland.

I was talking to Nan on the phone, but I dropped the phone in the lake. I was able to retrieve it and it worked fine. I thanked her for the birthday card.

Dreamed I had a party. Lots of people were there. My house looked cheap and bare like a campus house, but my front yard was clean and bright with healthy grass and flowers. The street was narrower and sleepier.

Jerah told me there were really lovely houses for sale in Clintonville. I said I was going to stay in my house. “Well, what are you doing, then” she demanded.